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Gigi Hadid was spotted wearing these fabulicious leather overalls which belong in my closet like as of yesterday. Decided to recreate the look for you guys cause I'm super sweet like that :)

get the look
overalls: G-Star RAW
boots: Whistles - find similar here
coat: Sheinside
sunnies: Fendi

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K, so I know all you're thinking is ooohhh Beyoncé circa Destiny's Child boots...but I want to redirect your attention to my fringe. LOOK AT MY FRINGE. It's really fringy. It's actually a tank dress from Forever 21 but hits right where my knit muumuu stops so it looks like one piece. This outfit is actually perfect for this weather of anti-Hades, with a little nylon tying everything together. So I may be wearing off-day stripper look, but I'm totally covered and I'm classy (please agree, I'll bribe you with donuts). I could totally picture Blake Lively & Nicole Ritchie (minus Ryan Reynolds and that guy from Good Charlotte). It covers everything you want to hide while remaining supafly. Top it off with baby ballerina bun and you're good to go!

sweater: Winners (old) - find similar here
fringe dress: Forever 21 (old) - find similar here
boots: Aldo (old) - find similar here

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Lately, talk around fashion town has been 70's, 70's and you guessed it, more 70's. However to be different cause I'm weird cool like that, I decided to dress like I belong in the 90's.
Why, you may ask? Maybe not but I'll tell you anyway. Because I saw the trailer to the Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck film and...WHOA! For those of you who've been living under a boring rock someplace where Jesus left his sandals, Kurt Cobain was the lead singer of the band Nirvana, one of the most influential and important rock bands of the modern era. This film is the first documentary about him that was made with the cooperation of his family. Double WHOA!!
I had the cassette tapes in high school (yes, I'm that old) which I used to listen on my yellow Sony Walkman (don't laugh, you know you had one too!), had/have the t-shirts, read the book, and you bet your ass I'm gonna be watching this flick when it releases in theaters beginning of May.
So my OOTD is an ode to the late great rocker who made "grungewear" so mainstream.

cardigan: c/o Oasap
shirt/dress: c/o Ardene
boots: c/o Palladium


come jump in my suit


Ever dreamt of wearing a onesie to work? My dreams have come true. Introducing MC Lena in a jumpsuit. It's comfy, loose, and my crack isn't showing. What's more to love?
If you have kids, you know the rule: put a t-shirt on before you put on the jumpsuit/romper/onesie. And I did just that. With my trusty spankin new blue Adidas sneakers that I just obsessively bought over the weekend (to add to my collection bien sur) I'm ready for some serious getting down to business.
The heather grey t-shirt knit material of my jumpsuit is what makes it, well, it. Soft, casual, basic & easy to slide on. I feel like I'm 3 again, and it's a great feeling (no more greys!).
We all know every comfy outfit has its ups & downs. Mine is going to the bathroom today. It's like wearing nylons: the worst! Today I'm holding it in. Unless someone gets me a butt flap, then we'll talk, betch!

jumpsuit: Zara
t-shirt: James Perse
shoes: Adidas

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