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At ease, boys. I know you all want me but you're gonna have to get in line. The guy that put a ring on it a few years ago ain't too thrilled.
Today's the day I toot my own horn. Don't I look like a badass in this?! I mean, this is badass in a jar. One wrong move and I could potentially call my friends and we can all meet in the school yard at 3:30pm and throw some punches.
How to be a badass starter pack: 1. Backwards baseball cap (because too cool to wear it the right way) 2. Leather jacket (obvi) 3. Drop crotch army sweatpants (ain't nobody got time for feminine shit amirite) 4. New Balance sneakers because I'm sooooooo cool 5. Oversized sunglasses (stolen from the lead singer of the band).
Get this pack and nobody will mess with you while you're pushing your daughter on the swings. Because you're hood like that. Call me Don Corlena.

jacket: All Saints
sweatshirt: American Apparel
sweatpants: c/o Ardene
shoes: New Balance (old) - find similar here




Gym-goers eat your heart out. Fabletics has finally come down from the heavens and given us what we rightfully should be wearing in the activewear line that caters to our feminine side. Who says we can't sweat in style? When I received these athletic leggings and saw the intricate lace on them, I almost cried off my designer mascara (and then I was like "NO, Lena, NO! Crying is for watching Ellen give out $10K jumbo cheques."). First, let's talk about how freakin cute they are. We don't see this everyday, the combo of girly cuteness and rock hard runner. Second, can you believe how great these feel on? I feel like I have 6 personal trainers (hot males, preferably...thanks in advance, baby Jesus!) wrapped around me and holding me together. The fabric is so firm and high quality, it was actually the first thing I noticed. And third, the overall look. I look comfortable, I look fit, and I look fiiiiiiiine (snaps fingers and walks away into the sunset).

leggings: c/o Fabletics
top: c/o Ardene (old) - find similar here
shoes: Nike


hop on the waist trainer wagon


I've been wearing this waist training corset by Dresslink to work (9-5) for about a week now. I'm actually able to last until 5pm now but at the beginning of the week I just wanted to take it off and run it through a wood chipper. But then again, I want to do that with my bra soooo.
The waist trainer sucks everything in which is great but what's even better is that it helps with my posture. It keeps me from slouching seeing as I sit in front of a computer most of the day. If I slouch even a little bit, the waist trainer compresses my lungs and I basically can't breathe, just like when I saw Ellen DeGeneres in person the first time. True story!
It's cool cause it's nude. You can't see it under clothing (unless you look for it, wink wink husband) however if you wear a fitted top or dress, you will see the boning at front clasps.
Out of curiosity, I trained in it last night. You think I'm dumb right? Probably. But it actually wasn't bad at all. I was able to breathe just fine and again, it kept my posture in check. I did sweat balls in my mid-section so I'm sure something good must've been happening.
In conclusion, after 1 week of wearing it 9-5 everyday, I am a lot less bloated in the evenings when I take it off. However I doubt that I've lost any inches. I'm curios to see after a month. I think this is just a quick fix and gives you a great silhouette under Spanx. In my opinion, I strongly believe that the only way to lose belly fat and trim your waist line, is with hard work and a healthy diet.

waist training corset: c/o Dresslink
sports bra: c/o Ardene
shorts: Nike




This outfit is worth all the kisses it boasts. Have you ever tried a midi skirt tighter than your mother's facelift? I sure have kids. And it's awesome. This ribbed midi is high waisted and tight everywhere, and even though it doesn't have a slit, I can still walk like a diva in it. I've paired it with heels because you know. I could have easily thrown on some Chucks and my outfit would have been cool & casual.
Although I am wearing a Bisous sweatshirt, the skirt and heels make it dressy.
Sometimes it's all about how you pair things. This is the perfect example of a day-to-night outfit (this obviously being the night). If you can't wear heels during the day you can go for sneakers, sandals, combat boots, and even loafers & espadrilles. Anything goes when casual meets chic. You are the author of how you feel, and how I feel right now is dammmmmmmmn fine betches!

top & skirt: c/o Ardene
shoes: Aldo

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