yes...leggings can be worn as pants!


If you follow my Instagram, you'll know that I work out. I love it. I'm a gym rat. I've got swolemates. Insert annoying fitness terms here!
I own more workout clothes than I do underwear. And yes, I do own more than the M/T/W/T/F/S/S underwear weekly pack.
But the leggings that really hold my s**t together are from Fabletics. I kid you not, the fabric is thick enough to suck everything in but thin enough to actually be able to train in. They are not see-through, they are breathable, and they CAN be worn as pants! And the prints/designs are friggin awesome. BONUS: prices are pretty decent compared to competitors.
It's the Holidays, make yourself a Fabletics wish list or just treat yourself to a pair, or two at their prices.

leggings: c/o Fabletics here and here
sneakers: Nike
sports bra: c/o Ardene
top: J Crew (old) - find similar here


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2 Responses to “yes...leggings can be worn as pants!”

Rupa said...

I want abs like that :(

Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

Lena Antonacci said...

@Rupa: They're not really abs but thanks :) Note that I took these photos in the morning before I ate

Lena xoxo

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