Happy Halloween


Some friends and I went out for an early Halloween celebration Saturday night because I'm an old fart and am not able to party on Monday night and be able to live unzombie like on Tuesday. Could when I was younger but I'm no spring chicken anymore. Why are we so boring without costumes and just some basic masks you ask? Well, plain and simple...we made a last minute decision to dress up and no time to whip up something cool.
The best costume I saw all night...'Odile' the black swan. Her costume was all hand made and she had a killer body to boot.

Now I have two questions for all of you.
1. What was the best costume you saw this Halloween?
2. Why do girls feel the need to dress up all slutty on Halloween?

The fab four!
Top left to right: Andrew aka Batboy, Jessie aka Slut Radar
Bottom left to right: Me aka Gold Digger, Marco aka Corner Peeper

dress: Forever 21
shoes: Steve Madden

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