macaroni bar


Saturday night was spent with friends, laughter, and great food at Macaroni Bar. I've eaten gnocchi's at every restaurant that has them on the menu, including places in Italy which you would think would have the best pasta and Macaroni Bar has by far the best gnocchi's ever!!! They melt in your mouth like cotton candy. Yum!
I tried my best to take great outfit shots but with no flash and the fact that it was 1:30am made it impossible.

My favourite alcoholic drink...Amaretto Sour. 

Pork lollipops...they were interesting.

Rice croquette with spinach and goat cheese.

Andrew's meal...he's such a man's man...typical burger and fries.

Andrew & Enzo...don't they remind you of the guys from the movie 'Due Date'? lol

I'm wearing:
tank top courtesy of American Apparel
silky high waist pants courtesy of American Apparel
blazer: Sirens (old)
necklace: H&M (old)
shoes: ioffer


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13 Responses to “macaroni bar”

lolita said...

You look stunning love the pants x

A.Co said...

Those pants are AWESOME on you - you look great.

I've been to Macaroni before (last summer) and agree, it was fantastic! (but damn, I should have tried to gnocchi!)

Joanna said...

such a gorgeous outfit! I love the shoes and the pants! very simple yet very chic!

aizel camille said...

I love your outfit! The pants gave it a feminine touch. I love it! =D

The Fashion Cloud said...

love the pants and you look absolutely gorgeous



Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh you look amazing! Love the outfit :)

Lindsay said...

YUM. Drooling! said...

Love the whole outfit! You look amazing :)

fashion kats said...

Love the outfit!! So trendy and sexy!

Taylor said...

In love with those pants and pumps.

andeh said...

that seemed like a lovely night :) your outfit is stunning, and the last picture with andrew and enzo is really funny :)

Marie said...

omg i just saw this picture of enzo! pls tell him i say hi!

Marie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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