Floral maxi


Here is another one of my thrifted purchases...a floral maxi for only, are you sitting down...$5.00 !!!!!
Aside from the navy body color and the cheap price, what tempted me to buy it was the fact that it's sheer. I was actually thinking of hemming the interior layer into a mini in order to show that the exterior layer is in fact sheer but I'm not quite sure how good that will look.
Would you guys leave the skirt as is,  hem it completely into a mini, hem the interior layer only into a mini, trash the skirt all together?

Lena xoxo

Blazer: Sirens / Skirt: thrifted / Boots: Aldo / Tank: H&M / Belt: Buffalo David Bitton


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12 Responses to “Floral maxi”

Anonymous said...

Leave it as is! I love it.

Christina said...

A mini would be cute but maxis are in right now. Maybe one day.

Kookie said...

Lena, that's an awesome floral maxi skirt!!! i think i need to try this look. :)

do send me some love over at deathbyplatforms.blogspot.com

HeatherClark said...

very pretty!


Sabby V said...

You look great as always!
As for your question:
Wear it a couple times as a maxi, then turn into a mini for a different look during the summer!

Auburn Not Red said...

I'd hem the whole thing into a mini and maybe get pockets added to it.

Kimberellie said...

I like the idea of hemming the interior layer. That would be so different and cool! Yes. I think you should do that! That would be awesome!

Oh, and you look beautiful as usual. Love these photos!



Celine said...

I've been thinking about investing in a maxi too... it looks great on you! Oh, and I tried on those nude booties in Aldo last weekend too.. they're lovely!

Kristy said...

gorgeous floral prints, you definitely have the body proportion to pull off the maxi skirt/dress look :) I second Sabby V's suggestion. Try wearing it as a maxi skirt for awhile. once you get bored, turn it into a mini :)


thao. said...

i reckon a mini, or high waisted that would be cute as. :)

A and A said...

as is! as is! no change...


Anonymous said...

OMG! I had a skirt like this when I was younger. It was a long skirt, but as I got older, of course, it got shorter. I eventually gave it away, but I loved that skirt... memories!

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