Table 51


Last night was my dad's 58th birthday. We celebrated by treating him to a new restaurant situated in Carrefour Laval called Table 51. Contemporary ambiance and very tasty urban cuisine. We all ate like pigs and I'm positively sure we're all regretting eating those fatty but delicious fried oreo balls...yum yum!!!

Lena xoxo

My dad's red velvet cake. On the left is a fake cockroach that was part of his birthday card from my sister & her boyfriend. The card said something along the lines of, "Enjoy your free meal, we got it covered." You open the card and it's the cockroach with instructions telling you to put it in your food and scream...and voila, your free meal. Gotta love Hallmark!! lol 

The ever so tasty fried oreo balls. I bet you're gaining weight just by looking at them!

My sister & her boyfriend.

My mom & sister.

My dad making his birthday wish.

Andrew saving a fry for

blazer: Sirens / t-shirt & scarf: Ardene / belt: vintage / pants: H&M / shoes: Aldo


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5 Responses to “Table 51”

Kristy said...

hahahaha, that picture of andrew and a fry is super funny!:p i love your outfit, it is something i would totally wear for myself. love the cuffed khakis & nude pumps combo! so ready for spring :D

Auburn Not Red said...

I could eat just from the appetizer menu. It all looks tasty! But that steak! Oh, my!

Mrs.Zeus said...

Happy bday to your dad!

The food looks delicious, Im jealous.

libys11 said...

omg!!!!! those deep fried oreos look so good!!! you're right, i think i gained 5 pounds just looking at it! hahaha!


Great photos and you look beautiful!

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