Sport Chic


This is the very first time I wear my sweat pants out, other than the gym. Sportswear is an upcoming Spring 2010 trend so I decided to give it a try. Joggers and heels...who knew!
Will you guys be following this trend?

Lena xoxo

tank: Ardene / vest: Sirens / sweatpants: Ardene / boots: X2B / purse: David Buffalo Bitton / jewelry: Ardene


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8 Responses to “Sport Chic”

pinkpositive said...

You know, I actually LOVE this look. I have been playing with it for years after I saw Gwen Stefani rockin' it...

But is is a dangerous look for sweats are a ALL TIME FAVE and I might never get out of them!

HA ha!

Kristy said...

wow, you can pull of ANY type of clothes!I dont look good in sweats (probably due to my short legs), so I probably wont wear this ensemble. But I can still admire it, right?If I could look good in it, I would sooo wear it!:D i love the layered necklaces as well, they go really well with the loose tank and vest :)
and still admiring your new hair :)

Taylor B. said...

You look great!
Sweats make me look frumpy but maybe if I get pants that look like sweats but aren't, they'd fit better?

all about the style said...

Love this look !

libys11 said...

hmm.. i recently received harem pants and they look like those sweatpants you're wearing.. i'll give them a try but since im short, i have to work it around so that it won't cut my legs off! hahaha!

you look chic here though.. as kristy said, you can pull off anything!

Vinda Sonata said...

hey, just hyped this on lookbook whilst ago. i love the combination of the outfit. very laidback yet chic. very supermodel-off-duty.!!

Lena said...

@ Kristy: you DO NOT have short legs!! try the outfit, you can't go wrong with heels..I bet you it'll look awesome on you! i can't get over how many people are liking my hair :)

@ Taylor B: try wearing sweats that aren't so loose and pair them with'll look great!

Thanks to everyone for all the sweet comments!!

Lena xoxo

anacecilia said...

i love the vest and purse! your boots are super cute too!

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