Fashion Influences


There was a poll I found very interesting this morning as I was looking over WGSN. I'd like to know your votes and also let me know if you feel there's other icons that belongs on this list, as I most certainly do. (Poll is on the left side of my blog.)

Lena xoxo

Lady Gaga

Anna Wintour

Kate Moss

Audrey Tautou

Michelle Obama

Here are my outfit photos of the day.


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4 Responses to “Fashion Influences”

Kristy said...

i love this outfit!!! every piece is simple yet perfect and they look gorgeous together :)
btw, is that the new hair? I've been meaning to ask you since the last post :p

Lena said...

@ Kristy: nope, same old appointment is this Saturday...I'm so excited!!

lena xoxo

Anonymous said...

love the outfit doll! and love your fashion inspirations also, Kate Moss is the queen of street style i love her!

Lena said...

@ L*: thank you so much my love!!!!
Moss is the bomb, one of top style icons!

Lena xoxo

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