Fabletics part deux


Thank god sporty is in. I can't stress enough how in the good old days (I'm not divulging my age here but...) there was no way in hell a girl (or guy) could go to work in active wear. And look at me now. Not only am I in full on sweats but I don't look out of place! We all love a good pantsuit (*coughs* Hillary *cough cough*) to climb up that business ladder...but have you ever watched an actual climber?! They don't wear pantsuits.
I've paired this INSANE mesh muscle tank with striped detailing from Fabletics (can't get enough) with some cool sweatpants and un ultra fuzzy cardigan. Again, the black and white combo really keeps it classy. I wouldn't say I'd be as keen to wear this to work if there were a lot of neons involved. Guess how many compliments I got today though! This girl is slayyyying.

top: c/o Fabletics
pants: c/o Ardene
cardigan: c/o Ardene
shoes: Adidas


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2 Responses to “Fabletics part deux”


Nice pants :)
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Maria V.

Sabina B. said...

such a cool casual look! love the top and the pants!


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