deep in the trench


Going for the long run. Long lines have been so in this season that we're seeing lots of maxi dresses, shirts, skirts, and...sleeveless trench coats!
What's even cooler than Richie Cunningham is layering those long pieces. Got a long turtleneck dress? Stick a long vest over it. Long t-shirt? Don't forget that maxi cardigan. Obviously a killer outfit needs balance, so my boots aren't long otherwise I'd look so Amish. And I'm not ready for that yet. I went with ankle boots to balance everything out. May I
If you don't feel like wearing a skin tight dress, even though your long layer is pretty much covering all of your wobbly bits, this vest will also look just as cool over a simple jeans & tee look.
If this post still hasn't made you want to head over to buy a sleeveless trench coat, maybe this might help...mine is only $8.00 at Dresslink. You still here??

trench: c/o Dresslink
dress: c/o Ardene
boots: Dolce Vita (old) - find similar here

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One Response to “deep in the trench”

Sabina B. said...

cool look, love the trench coat and the boots!

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