where's the cooch?


If you've had your nose in any fashion magazine lately (don't lie, I saw you at the dentist casually glancing at the VOGUE December 2008 issue, but that's not what I mean). Any recent fashion mag has been RAVING about the new pant that's got everyone wondering: where has my ass gone? Yes, it's none other than the famous culottes. An extra wide, capri cut pant, often presented in a crepe-like fabric or wrinkly-looking linen. A few seasons ago you woulda been like yooo my nana wears those no waaayyy, but now? They've totally grown on us. And the perk? You can still flash your husband from across the room BECAUSE THEY'RE SO LOOSE. It's a win-lose for him, because you will HAVE to flash him in order to receive forgiveness for wearing man's new enemy (But where's your butt and thighs, he'll ask. Exactly, you'll reply.).
Have you tried a pair? They're scary, I know. Even Nicki Minaj was like, I can't even see my cooch in these, but it's ok! Pair them with a loose top like you just don't care and you'll be so comfortable you won't want anything to do with leggings for the rest of the summer.

tank: c/o Ardene (old) - find similar here
pants: c/o Ardene
sandals: Aldo

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