K, so I know all you're thinking is ooohhh Beyoncé circa Destiny's Child boots...but I want to redirect your attention to my fringe. LOOK AT MY FRINGE. It's really fringy. It's actually a tank dress from Forever 21 but hits right where my knit muumuu stops so it looks like one piece. This outfit is actually perfect for this weather of anti-Hades, with a little nylon tying everything together. So I may be wearing off-day stripper look, but I'm totally covered and I'm classy (please agree, I'll bribe you with donuts). I could totally picture Blake Lively & Nicole Ritchie (minus Ryan Reynolds and that guy from Good Charlotte). It covers everything you want to hide while remaining supafly. Top it off with baby ballerina bun and you're good to go!

sweater: Winners (old) - find similar here
fringe dress: Forever 21 (old) - find similar here
boots: Aldo (old) - find similar here


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2 Responses to “fringe-tastic”

Sabina B. said...

love the fringing!

Blogger said...

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