don't be a tool


Following my 70's post, I dared a bit of denim on denim today (cue cheesy porno music bowwww chica chica wuaa wuaaaah chichica yeaaahhh). There's a rule to follow, FYI: almost the same wash and same texture. Don't you dare wear a thick dark sandblasted denim with a thin whitewashed denim, you'll look like a tool. And no one likes tools, in that sense of the word (cue more cheesy porno music with main character opening line, "hey baby, check out my [preferred tool here].")
For more ideas on dirty thoughts pertaining to tools, please see my list below:
Hammer, nuts and bolt, power drill, staple gun, plumber's snake, screwdriver, and for you cougars out there...antique tool.
Back to my denim. It's tight and it's not, it's refreshing yet still cozy, and it goes with my sneakers, the most important thing in my closet. Let's be honest here, I love sneakers, and if you try to outrun me for a pair of shoes on sale, biiiiitch I'm Forrest Gump!

shirt: Zara (old) - find similar here
jeans: H&M (old) - find similar here
shoes: Nike (old) - find similar here

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