post-cupid Monday


Most asked question every Valentine's Day, "So, what are you wearing...?" (Imagine it in an almost-creepy stranger on the hotline voice, meet singles in your area right now!)
But like, I ask myself that every morning! The struggle is real. And so not hot. On this post-cupid Monday, I felt like carrying on the romance and also shouting out the fact that I'm comfortably settled AAAAANNNNNNDDDDD cue sweatpants.
To go with said sweatpants, aka the "not picking up at the pub with overly-enthusiastic stare across the bar" item of choice, I've thrown in a bit of floral (I know, I'm freakin adorable). A floral (even in sweater mode) is great for breaking up the otherwise monochromatic look that, let's be honest, most if not all of us wear 365. Sometimes when you go for a print and you're not ready to handle it, but you go to work anyways and have to live with it for 8 hours, you get the same feeling that Ron Burgundy got when he jumped into the bear pit to save Veronica Corningstone.
"I...I immediately regret this decision!"
Not to worry, you won't regret this one. Because, come on! Who doesn't love flowers (and sweatpants)? Definitely a better choice than milk on a warm day.
Happy Monday!

sweater: c/o Oasap (old) - find similar here
joggers: Topshop (old) - find similar here
shoes: Aldo (old) - find similar here

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