man-repelling yet again


You guessed it by the title...this outfit is not what you would call your cat-calling kind. It's Friday, it's office clean-up day, and I'm trying to organize my desk/life. Ain't no way I'm bending over in jeans, because we all know that's code for call the plumber my crack is whack. Trusty Chucks have never steered me wrong before, and the fact that they're high-tops make it impossible for my stupid socks to slither down my foot and set up camp about halfway between my heel and my toes aka THE MOST ANNOYING FEELING EVER!
A boyfriend tee is great for office clean-up day too because I'm already sucking it up to clean, never mind sucking it in, which I DON'T do on days that aren't my birthday I thank you.
And finally. The most essential piece in the history of ever: something warm. Because in Canada, we compensate for the ice cold by being overly polite, drinking Timmy's even though it tastes like cornhole and drowning our food in ketchup. We're sorry it's minus #glacialgooch degrees.

cardigan: c/o Ardene
tee: c/o Ardene
leggings: c/o Ardene
shoes: Converse

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Nice cardigan :) M&MFASHIONBITES

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