lil punk


Today, I'm the coolest sister in the house. I intimidate all your friends and scare your boyfriend away, I'm evil, I say! HAAAAAAAAA (that's my evil laugh, it's perfect).

Aside from secretly smoking in the garage and blaming it on you, I have this look that screams "don't mess with me or I'll get you grounded for life". With my ripped denim and graphic tee (this one is a famous cities one, but a band tee is as badass), I'm all like "I started a fire in the girls bathroom during recess." Yet again, my Austin Powers penis enlarger pump black Italian boots are great with this look, and I couldn't pass up breaking up the black with some camo. In this case, an awesome parka, THAT I WEAR INDOORS BECAUSE WHATEVER I DO WHAT I WANT (flips plate over and leaves dinner before everyone else omg).

jacket: winners - find similar here
t-shirt: Zara (old) - find similar here
jeans: Topshop
boots: Giuseppe Zanotti - find similar here

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