daddy wide legs


Alright everyone, focus! We've got a big, large, comfy pant Monday ahead of us today. You know. To hide the fact that you pigged out during last night's Super Bowl.
Reintroducing the palazzo pant, the widest of all pants possible. You thought Hammer had it good? Nuh-uh. These babies are great on so many levels: for hiding all those cupcakes we ate, for hiding actual cupcakes you'll want to eat this afternoon, maybe stuffing a child in there, pool noodles, rock 'em sock 'em robots, the possibilities are endless!!! Get your palazzo pant now! Free shipping and handling, batteries and cupcakes not included.
No matter the size of your thighs, whether you're Beyoncé, a Kardashian, or [enter skinny betch here], these pants don't discriminate. Keeping with the loose theme, a loose knit sweater ties this look together, and also lets you smuggle even more shit.
Cherry on top: high top Chucks, because, well, who needs a reason?
Happy Monday xo

sweater: Winners - find similar here
pants: H&M (old) - find similar here
shoes: Converse

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