anarchy denim


Today, let's focus on destruction.
Well, not exactly. I mean denim destruction, duh. These boyfriend jeans are the absolute tits. I love them so much, I wanted them to be front and center. My husband had to talk me into actually putting on a sweatshirt so I wouldn't go topless for like a good 6 minutes. Because, hey, you know me! No shirt, no problem. Surprisingly enough, boyfriend jeans are tricky to wear if you're not Gisele Bundchen. You have to get them to be loose enough without looking like the real Slim Shady, and not too tight to make you look like Beverly Goldberg. It's one of those things. Not too much, not too little, but just right. Go to town with the tearing, though, cuz that's really in.
I hope you all love my old school Adidas sneakers that have, thank baby Jesus, come back to life from Missy Elliot's Pass That Dutch music video (or whatever). If you wanted, you could even go for a flowy blouse and some stilettos, but what's the fun in that?! I like the borderline Justin Bieber look. Because I'm like ten years old and can't seem to stop the celebrity referencing today.
Peace out!

sweatshirt: c/o Ardene (old) - find similar here
jeans: c/o Ardene
shoes: Adidas


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