uptown funk


I'm going to Uptown funk you guys all up with this look.
I've got this pullover poncho sweater that I'm all over. Fringe and print and knit, oh my? Puh-lease. This knitted beauty is everything. Thought you couldn't pull off a short sleeved sweater in the winter? Have you forgotten how we used to dress with the short sleeve shirt under a long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve shirt? So 1999. How dare you forget! It's the best way to swear by this look without freezing because, hey, it's like only minus 30 outside. I've paired it with other purchases from my London trip. (Gimme a break, I did so some sight-seeing.) These perfect fitting jeans and my Giuseppe booties (so coup de Coeur). And yes, these booties deserve to go by their first name. The little cowboy heel really ties in the Navajo look of this top without going all Crazy Horse on everyone.
This look is the epitome of KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid! No need to run around your closet 3 times in the morning while pulling out your hair (your kids still have a few years to see you slowly lose your mind, save some for later). I didn't need any jewelry to make this look complete.
So, any of you wanna go teepeeing with me later? This look is IT!

sweater: c/o Oasap
jeans: Topshop
turtleneck: Ardene (old) - find similar here


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