paging old 90s sitcom stars


If you take out my not so inconspicuous cross-body Gucci bag, I'm literally female Jerry Seinfeld. Anybody recognize me there? Turtleneck, check. Black denim, check. Camel coat, check. White sneakers, check. I can see it now...
George: "She's really hot, but she has this look, like she reminds me of someone I know, Jerry. SHE REMINDS ME OF A MAN!"
Jerry: "A familiar she-man?"
George: "I'm telling you! I can't do it, Jerry. I'm speechless. I have no speech."
Jerry: "Why are you speechless, again?"
George: "LENA, Jerry, the she-man!"
I could go on. I need to get a hobby besides blogging, because I invent fake episodes of Seinfeld in my head where I'm in it. It's sad I tell ya, sad!
Back to the Jerry Seinfeld look. It's casual, androgynous, yet surprisingly feminine and classy. A little nod to the 90s with the turtleneck and white sneakers, but modern overall with the colors. I love it!!!
And I couldn't resist...that little Gucci bag had my name written all over it. Well not my name exactly, not even my monogram, but you get the gist.

coat: vintage - find similar here
jeans: Levi's
turtleneck: H&M
shoes: Adidas
bag: Gucci

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One Response to “paging old 90s sitcom stars”

Muscom said...

The bag is so cute!

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