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Aaaannnnnnd I'm sick. You know what I want when I'm sick? Besides my bed, tea, Louboutins, a million dollars (non-taxable) and a massage therapist named Fabio, obviously? How do I put this delicately...I don't like shit. I already feel like shit, so why add more salt to the wound?
So here's the plan. Black is awesome, but not when you're sick. When you're sick, black's the color of your soul and you kinda don't want people to know that. I'm not saying wear pink and purple and yellow, I have a cold, it's not Armageddon and I'm not frickin' SpongeBob. Plan is, wear light colors. It immediately boosts your IQ imaginary immune system and tricks you into thinking you're fine, which you aren't because no Fabio or million quid (see above).
Go for ivory, light grey, light taupe, ANYTHING light. Even pastels, but I haven't had my coffee yet so f--- that.
Step 2 (or plan 2? whatever) is to make it cozy as hell. That cozy knit turtleneck you have in your closet is perfect for sick days. I paired mine with grey skinny denim because Jesus wanted me to go to work today and I have to wear pants at work (still trying to negotiate with myself, I swear pants are stupid). A comfy leather or suede bootie completes the look! And don't forget to tie a donut on your head, because you can't make a proper ballerina bun (go me!).
Where's Fabio?

sweater: H&M
jeans: Forever 21 (old) - find similar here
boots: Aldo DIY (old) - find similar here


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2 Responses to “little neutral everything”

Olivia Noel said...

Love those shoes! xx


You are so funny Lena. Where in the hell have I've been. You look comfy and warm.

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