kick with grit


Hey there groovy chicks!
Guess how I'm kicking off the week? (Still kicking...and it's not even Monday anymore). I got these awesome kicks from my stint in London UK during the Holidays and I am IN. LOVE. Like, if I could also be married to these sneaks, I would be. Who said you can't mix styles?! I'm rocking the blazer and a pair of Nike sneakers, how dare I! Let me tell you. If you've got proper kicks that look clean and new, you can throw them on with anything. Got a black casual dress? Go ahead! Give it a whirl. You'll be surprised at how much use you can get out of them. Plus, nothing says comfort like, Hi, I'm Lebron James. If your office permits, go with the kicks. I'll rap-duel Chanel flats any day.

blazer: Primark
leggings: Primark
top: Forever 21 (old) - find similar here
shoes: Nike

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