got it bad for plaid


Today I'm all about that plaid. As you may or may not have noticed, we live in the North Pole, and coats are an absolute must. It's no secret that plaid is in this year, but not just any plaid: we're talking traditional tartan or of the green and navy variety. A jacket like this can be dressed up or down. You must hear this all the time and wonder, what in the bloody hell does she mean by means that if I'm going to the Ritz for dinner in a dress, stockings, heels and pearls, I can wear it. Or. OOORRRR, if I'm a lazy casual bum who wants to look like I don't spend an hour figuring out how awesome I want to look today and wearing my hair tucked into my coat cause it's so filthy, I can wear high-waist ripped jeans and a cute sailor striped sweater and loafers. I went for the latter because I'm hood like that.

coat: c/o Oasap
sweater: Dynamite (old) - find similar here
jeans: River Island
shoes: Aldo (old) - find similar here


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