first blog post - 2015


Hola everyone & Happy New Year! Hope these past few days have been kind and I really hope you're all sober again (I know I am).

It's as if every New Year's we all forget how horrible next mornings are and we just lead ourselves into the temptations of Pinot Grigio & Sex On The Beach.
So as we all trek back to our day jobs and absorb the shock of a few days off work and a few days on the bottle, we want the journey to be as comfy as possible. I'm talking sweater/poncho + leggings, ladies. No need to worry about the hair, up or down is fine. If you're lucky enough, the sweater/poncho will take all the heat and no one will look at your face.
2015 is all about new beginnings and all that jazz, but really? it's about sweating out the shots, getting to the gym, and going for more than 2 weeks. Once all these steps have been accomplished, we'll get to talkin about those resolutions!

sweater: c/o Oasap
leggings: Primark
boots: Aldo

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