being sneaky


I decided to drag on the weekend and bring comfort and style to the office. With leggings and Nike sneakers, I'm halfway there! Forget the formal button-downs and the heels to look classy at work: you can look classy and be comfy at the same time. You just have to choose your battles correctly. Office attire is always more forgiving on Monday's and Friday's. Those are the days you can give yourself a bit more credit and drag on/bring on the lovely weekend.
Always remember the Libra rule: everything must be balanced. If you're wearing tight on the bottom, wear something loose on top. If you're wearing loose on the bottom (such as joggers) wear something slightly tighter on top, or tuck in. This rule is obviously subject to exceptions, but overall, it's a good guideline to live by.
So, in this case, if I'm wearing leggings, my top has to be a bit looser, unless I wanted to look like Nicki Minaj *every girls dream* just kidding...
Another quick Legging-rule: treat them like pantyhose and cover that tush (and front tush). Toes are for camels and should stay on camels. Just sayin'. #brosbeforecamelstoes
In order to not bore everyone with a mile radius, I like to mix in some print to add a visual effect. Long cardis are the best because they cover the tush (see Legging-rule above) and they add some color-ish (ok, guilty as charged, this one's a black and white, BUT STILL!). this piece saves me from looking like a total vegan yogi (and there's nothing wrong with that) but I'd be a poser if I said I didn't eat meat. But hey, I'm Italian WHAT CAN I SAY LOOK I'M SO ITALIAN I RANDOMLY STARTED YELLING THE REST OF MY BLOGPOST.

cardigan: Pimark
top: c/o Ardene (old) - find similar here
leggings: Primark
shoes: Nike (old) - find similar here


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3 Responses to “being sneaky”

Emma Walker said...

Love this!

Emma | With A City Dream

Lauren said...

Love this look! It's so sporty chic:)



I would never have thought you were Italian. You humor cracks me up. I'm seriously at home laughing my butt off.

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