on wednesday's I wear mustard


Fun fact: yellow is my favourite color
So out of curiosity, I Googled what that means and I found the following:

  • You are, cheerful and fun to be with.
  • You are creative.
  • You are a perfectionist.
  • You analyze everything.
  • You tend to hide your emotions.
  • You are spontaneous.
  • You have a modern outlook.
  • You are a smart dresser and always like to dress to impress.
  • You can be deceitful and stubborn.
  • Also arrogant, pretentious and snobbish.

Hmm? I'm most of these all of the time and some of these some of the time :)
What's your favourite color?

coat: Primark
sweater: H&M (old) - find similar here
leggings: American Apparel
boots: Dolce Vita (old) - find similar here

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