new shoes make me happy


Every girl loves a new pair of shoes. Why so? Is it because they make us feel pretty? Is it because they instantly aide in revamping an old outfit? Is it because high heels make our legs and butts look good? Yes, yes and yes…and more!
Some women enjoy buying bags, some women enjoy buying home décor but as for me…I am a complete shoe whore. Yes, I do need 5 black pumps because they are each slightly different in their own way.
“Shoes make me happy. I’m superficial. Whatever!”

jacket: Primark
pants: Costa Blanca (old) - find similar here
sweater: c/o Ardene
shoes: c/o Milanoo


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6 Responses to “new shoes make me happy”

Sabina B. said...

Love the jacket and the shoes! Great look!

Abbie said...

Amazing outfit, those shoes are perfect and that coat <3 oh myyy xx

Anonymous said...

How's the sizing on their shoes? I am a 6, should I stay with a 6? Looking for the bls stiletto

Rupa said...

Simply gorgeous! Love those shoes.

Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

Kamila O. said...

woow!! świetnie wyglądasz! efektowne zestawienie! troche przypominasz mi tu Sarę Mannei :)

Lena Antonacci said...

@Anonymous: This is my first purchase from the site and the shoes are true to size. I am a 6 and the 6 I ordered are perfect.

Lena xoxo

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