one way to get to second base


So it's obvious here in Montreal that Fall is near. Pools have begun to be drained, sweaters have come out in the evenings, and back to school traffic has begun. I can deal with whatever Fall has to bring but the traffic...I can do without thank you very much. I was just beginning to enjoy that extra 45 minutes snoozefest in the mornings. So much so that I even asked Andrew what it would take for me to be able to retire at 50.
Anyway, on to the topic of this blog post. To make it short and sweet...Autumn = plaid. Anything plaid! Bags, shirts, leggings or even hair scrunchies if you dare. The color scheme on these particular leggings is perfect allowing you to be able to wear them with pretty much anything (except the plaid scrunchie). A little plaid goes a long way! But the best thing about these leggings is that they are incredibly soft. Andrew grabbed my butt when we kissed each other goodbye in the morning (yes we still do that after 10 years) and he said, "I don't know what I like better. Your butt or the soft velvety feel of these leggings." True story!
Get yourselves a pair and I guarantee you a good time when you wear them :)

leggings: c/o Ardene
top: c/o Ardene
hat: H&M (old) - find similar here
boots: Dolce Vita (old) - find similar here


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