off the shoulder


The body part to be baring at the moment...shoulders! We've seen our fair share of boobs and butts in my opinion and we need to give our shoulders some exposure. There's nothing sexier than showing off your collarbone. This trend allows you to show some skin while still being able to keep a little mystery.
Just a tip, which I had to learn the hard way, these tops are not very practical when having to lift your arms to take something off the top shelf :/
What's the body part you like showing off the most?

top: c/o PersunMall
pants: H&M
sandals: Aldo (old) - find similar here


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2 Responses to “off the shoulder”

Rebecca Jacobs said...

Great blog! Loving this look. Perfectly retro yet modern! xx


Lena Antonacci said...

@Rebecca Jacobs: Thank you so much!

Lena xoxo

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