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I was asked to review the book The New Braiding Handbook by Abby Smith. Naturally I said yes because who doesn't want to know different ways to style their hair.
This book is a full-color guide that will help you master the trendiest twists, buns, fishtails and updos. With easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step photos, you'll master gorgeous new looks, including the Waterfall Braid, Fishtail Bun, Twisted Bohemian Updo, French Braided Pompadour, Celtic Knot, Topsy Tail High Bun and so much more.
This book will give you the perfect look for every occasion, whether you're meeting your besties for brunch, attending an important meeting or walking down the aisle! It's also packed with tips for eliminating pesky hair problems - split ends, slow growing tresses, oily hair, etc.
With "The New Braiding Handbook", you'll have locks to envy!
Here's an example of one fairly simple trick from the book that I tried and love the outcome. It's how to achieve the perfect ponytail. It's a great trick for adding length and creating volume.
Step 1: Section off the top half of your hair by securing it with a butterfly clip.
Step 2: Tie the bottom section into a ponytail with an elastic band. I didn't have one on hand but it's even better if it's clear.
Step 3: Smooth out the top section and gather it into a ponytail about an inch or two above the first ponytail. Secure with an elastic band.
Step 4: Tease and spray the top ponytail with a firm-hold hair spray. Once you've brushed out the snarls, tighten the ponytail and voila! A voluminous ponytail :)
Well worth getting this book! Get yours here. You must also follow the author, Abby Smith's blog Twist Me Pretty where you'll find more hair tutorials, beauty tutorials, outfits, etc.
Next style to try on my list...Half-Up Fishtail!

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