my fitness regime


sports bra: c/o Ardene
leggings: Joe Fresh (old) - find similar here
As a busy working mom of 2 and wife, I find it difficult to get to the gym. I am always on the lookout for training programs that allow me to work from home because I can only make it to the gym 2 days a week and for me, working out for only 2 days is just not enough.
I came across this program that calls for 5 days a week of training, 3 of which I'm able to do at home. Perfect! And the best part is that each day is no longer than 90 minutes (including cardio). Click on exercises for tutorial on the proper technique.
By doing this workout and eating healthy, not super healthy but healthier than normal, I managed to lose 1" all over in a matter of 2 weeks. WOHOO!! I could lose more however some of my bad eating habits are hard to break (:
Now the hard part is trying to gain this back in muscle!
MONDAY (legs) - gym day
leg press 3x12
lunges 5x20
TUESDAY (arms) - home day
WEDNESDAY (back) - gym day
shrugs 3x10
rest day
FRIDAY (chest/abs) - home day
push-ups 3x20
rest day
SUNDAY (shoulders) - home day
CARDIO - home/gym
5k running on treadmill
5k on elliptical


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