purple funk


How awesome are my new shades? They're my first and only pair of round sunnies. They're my first and only pair of purple tinted sunnies. And they're my first and only pair of flip-up sunnies. 3 reasons for them being so friggin' cool :)
Thanks to Wholsesale CelebShades for making my life that much more funky!!
Want to get a pair of your own or any pair of new shades? Well they are offering my fans and friends a 20% discount on your purchase by using coupon code WCS20OFF.
Cat eye, round, flip-up, designer inspired, vintage, mirrored, and many more!!

tank: vintage DIY - find similar here
shoes: Aldo
sunnies: c/o Wholesale CelebShades


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7 Responses to “purple funk”

Anonymous said...

I can't love this outfit anymore than I already do!! Awesome!

Kamila O. said...

beautiful photos!!
first awesome!!

Helen said...

I really like this look.
I can see myself wearing this outfit and enjoying it.
It is effortless chic.

Ever since I discovered your blog, (some months ago)it has changed the way I perceive my wardrobe. I have taken every single item of clothing out of my closet to examine and see what I could do.

Following this blog,I have realized that it really does not take a LOT to look good and I don't have to look like I am "trying hard."
I see this all around me, women especially my age (35) trying so hard to look stylish by overdoing it.

ok...so I just wanted you to know that I have started shopping a little smarter , buying items that I can wear in a multitude of ways.
As well as recycling my old items.
I mean, it is a wonder what one can wear with a plain white tee.

I have rediscovered my love for fashion and it feels so great.

Lena Antonacci said...

@Helen: WOW!! What an amazing e-mail. Those nights when I'm tired and just want to give up on the blog, well it's e-mails and comments like yours that make me push myself to continue.
Thank you so much for this, you made my day :)

Lena xoxo

Bonnie said...

Lena this look is hot! I love a good band tee (the Ramones are awesome, haha!) and the shoes really pull it together. Effortless!

Bonnie xo www.hunguponfashion.com

Jovana Bovan said...

Cook outfit! Shoes <3!

Anonymous said...

These photos are literally perfect - I am so obsessed with your rings ox

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