somebody loves me


I've been coveting these Chanel espadrilles ever since I first laid my eyes on them to what seems like eons ago. And as always, I wanted to get them but was unsure about the price. When I finally muster up the courage to not be cheap...SOLD OUT!!
After 5 minutes of...damns, darns, rats, typicals, I knew its, stupid mes, and why do these things always happen to mes, I got over it! Life goes on, they're only a pair of shoes. (Yea, I can't believe I said that too.) They're only a pair of shoes, said no girl ever!!
Anywho, my dear friend (you know who you are), sent me a lovely package that made me smile harder than cake. The Chanel espadrilles I wanted! It felt like the sun was shining from the package when I opened it. They looked like heaven.
Thanks doll!!! You are the bomb.  

shirt: Ardene
jeans: Zara (old) - find similar here
shoes: Chanel
bag: Ardene
cap: Ardene


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7 Responses to “somebody loves me”

Laura lexo said...

I want them so bad too!!! Amazing friend you have


Anonymous said...

Whoever your friend is, I WANT TO MEET THEM! These are gorgeous, and you look stunning xo

Celine said...

Ooooh, those are awesome! Would totally take any casual outfit up a notch :)

Leah said...

I am also quite obsessed with those Chanel espadrilles but cannot muster up the courage to spend the $. Perfect for summer, enjoy!

libys11 said...

wow!! look at you.. now those are FANCY!!! they're gorgeous!

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The Rubber Doll by Pepa said...

you look great! love it!!



Anonymous said...

I think I need to borrow this friend of yours :P Lovely outfit, and the SHOES!!! So gorgeous!!!


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