bad to the bone


I've been seeing a few people wearing "culottes" in the blogosphere. Now I'm not sure what they all mean by "culottes" but here in Montreal, that means "panties". So this means we're all in trend at the moment, as we're all, hopefully, wearing underwear :)
What I'm assuming the fashion industry means, is knee length or below the knee loose fit pants. I came across these "older than Jesus" bottoms in my closet which are already somewhat cropped but I folded them over and voila...Culottes which are not panties :)


top: c/o Ardene
pants: Urban Behavior (old) - find similar here
shoes: Chanel (68% off on sale here)
sunnies: Ray-Ban


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10 Responses to “bad to the bone”

Carrie said...

LOVE this outfit! Definitely something I would wear :)
Style in the City

Leah said...

Love those sunnies. You are looking totally badass in this outfit!

libys11 said...

you really carry this loose on loose ensemble very well! :D

Anonymous said...

i dont know why you keep promoting fakes. the website you linked in this post for the 'chanel' espadrilles obviously sells replicas. not saying yours are, but dont lead people into buying from websites like that. you should know better.

Laura lexo said...



Barker Marine said...

The text on your T shirt means you're bad from within, right? But I found you very charming and stylish. Loved the outfit!

Barker Marine
Men Shoes UK

Anonymous said...

Those pants are sick and I must come steal them! :P


Lena Antonacci said...

@Anonymous: Why do I keep promoting fakes? They're cheaper :)
I, and I'm sure many others, don't all have the luxury of spending all our money on brand names. I have priorities (kids, family, mortgage, utilities, food, etc.). These come way before a $1000 pair of shoes on the list of necessities. However, I do really love the styling. So should I deprive myself of things I like just because I have more important things in my life that this money needs to go to? No! If it looks like the original and it's more than half the price, I will make myself happy and buy it. This way, I'm wearing styles I like and my priorities are taken care of all the same.
I work hard for my money and spend it as I wish. I don't tell others how to spend their money, so it would be nice that no one tells me either.
More power to the people that buy the real deal but I unfortunately cannot permit myself to live extremely tight for 1 month, cutting out on the essentials in order to buy an item that will probably go out of fashion a few months later.

Lena xoxo

Lena Antonacci said...

@Barker Marine: Thank you :) I am not bad to the bone, far from. But I do love the t-shirt!

Lena xoxo

Anonymous said...

Love this look! Your pants are amaaaazing!!

Xo, Hannah

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