I'm so sorry my dear readers for the lack of posts lately. I've been completely busy at home that I've neglected all of you :( Hope you're not mad! My time at home with Amelia is quickly coming to an end as I return back at work this coming July, so I'm enjoying every precious moment with her. Is it just me or did this past year just flash right before our eyes? Before you know it, the kids will be starting school, then graduating, then meeting their soulmate, getting married, having childr...ok, let me just end this right here before I weep like a baby all over my keyboard.
On a brighter note, here is an outfit that I've been meaning to post. I've been seeing a lot of mesh detailing on the fashion scene lately, so when I saw this skirt I just had to have it. The lace detail is beautiful and the mesh cut-outs are just what we need to make this skirt a must-have for the season. I would even wear this with some bright coloured sneakers and a tee for a more casual look.
How would you wear this skirt?

top: Topshop (old)
skirt: c/o Choies
shoes: c/o Ardene



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13 Responses to “mesh”

Katie @ Loverly She said...

Love EVERYTHING about this look. Sorely tempted to order this skirt too but not sure if I can pull it off while preggo! Is it stretchy?

Anonymous said...

Do you wear these outfits around the house with the kids? I'd be so afraid to get stuff all over my clothes! Hence why im always in sweats. Need tips!!

How do you get ready with two kids, a house and a husband?!!

Lena Antonacci said...

@Katie @ Loverly She: I would hold off on the skirt until after you give birth. It's stretch but not by much. It's also a zipper closure which might not hold up. Oh, how I don't miss those days of struggling with a baby bump.
Hang in there :)

Lena xoxo

Lena Antonacci said...

@Anonymous: lol...This is how I dress when I go out. In the house, I'm like every other mommy...sweats and tees. Between the spit up, the markers, the flying food, I cannot afford to wear my decent clothes around the home.
How do I get ready? I have a great husband who gives me the time in the morning. I also prepare my outfit the night before. never leave your hair to be done the day of. Do it the night before and then just pass an iron or quick blow dry the next day before leaving the house. Wake up at least an hour before you should to avoid running around the house like a lunatic to avoid being late.
The house gets cleaned by me. I take about 15 minutes each day to clean something. This way you don't spend an entire day focused on the house. However when I go back to work after maternity leave, we are hiring our cleaning crew back. We like to save the only 2 days we have free of the week for our family rather than chores.
That's pretty much it. Hope it helps :)

Lena xoxo

Sagebrush Gazette said...

You just had a baby? Wow! You look awesome! Love your look! The skirt is gorgeous!

Would be so flattered if you would take a gander at my blog:


Lena Antonacci said...

@Sagebrush Gazette: Thank you :) I just checked out your blog and I'm your new follower on bloglovin. P.S. Those salty chocolate chip cookies look amazing. I'm so pinning that recipe for later!

Lena xoxo

Sheree said...

LOOOOOOOOVE this skirt Lena!
Sheree xxx

Neshel G said...

We're not mad...don't be silly! Raising children is no easy feat especially when you work AND maintain a fashion blog. You're like super mom. =)

That skirt is amazing. I like where the mesh is perfectly placed; almost an illusion of a mini (but not a slutty mini). And I love that you paired it with light neutrals. As always, your styled to perfection....always a pleasure to drop by.

Wardrobe on Wheels

Cassie Paige said...

I love your blog! I love your style!

the { cassiepaige }

Cassie Paige said...
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Lena Antonacci said...

@Neshel G: Super mom I'm not but thank you :)

Lena xoxo

Lena Antonacci said...

@Cassie Paige: Thank you so much!!

Lena xoxo

Anonymous said...

this look is so cool

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