come up off your colour chart


I never realized how much I can wear out one simple article of clothing. While in this picture you may think, "oh she's talking about that top or those boots because she's wearing them so damn much in the latest posts" however I'm actually talking about the coat. Ever since I received it from Sheinside, I've been wearing it around town like nobody's business. It truly goes with everything. Maybe it's the classic
simple lines or the neutral colour or maybe both. Whatever the case may be, it's gorgeous and I will wear it until it falls apart at the seams.

top: Walmart DIY - find similar here or here
jeans: Levis
boots: Bakers (old) - find similar here
hat: Ardene (they're 2 for $15, major steal of a deal)
coat: Sheinside



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4 Responses to “come up off your colour chart”

libys11 said...

love the pops of color in this outfit!! :D great classic coat too!!! looks great on you!

Melissa said...

You have the best cheek bones! Love, love this outfit!

xox Melissa

Dominique said...

I love the pop of color. said...

Love your beanie!

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