come back


I know this outfit isn't much of an inspiration as it has nothing to do with Spring but when it's cold & gloomy outside, I just don't feel like wearing bright or light colors. My outfit & post is as depressing as the weather. I don't even know why I'm publishing this.
To lift up my spirits, because the lack of sunshine and warmth is obviously bringing me down, I read Ellen's Classic Jokes. Here's one that made me crack up today:

Why do melons have big weddings?
~ Because they cantaloupe

It takes absolutely nothing to make me laugh :)

cardigan: Banana Republic (old) - find similar here
blouse: random from NYC (old) - find similar here
leggings: American Apparel
shoes: Forever 21 (old) - find similar here
bracelets: a mix of Ardene and gifts from a friend in Italy
watch: Ardene
sunnies: Ardene


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5 Responses to “come back”

Carrie said...

I'm the same way. And that joke made me laugh.
Cutest shoes ever =)

Style in the City

The Rubber Doll by Pepa said...

You are pretty!! love the look very much!! kisses <3333

Angie said...

You always look amazing. Love your blog coz every time I see your post it reminds me that style is something different from chasing trends and buying clothes. xx

Second Last Song said...

I also like less bright colours so I love this look!

Frenie Agbayani said...

I love the <a href=">Sweater dress with leggings</a>! It's perfect paired with leggings on you! You look amazing :))

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