bright skies and neon eyes


One project on my DIY list was to make a pencil skirt out of some french terry fabric that I had. CHECK! Incredibly easy to make and only 30 minutes. Just check out the tutorial here.

sweater: Ardene
skirt: my own design
boots: Aldo (old)
sunnies: Ardene


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11 Responses to “bright skies and neon eyes”

Fool in the Rain said...

The skirt is my favorite piece of this outfit :)
I want one of it!!!

Marina :) said...

Loving your shoes

N said...

love that look so stylish but comfy:)and I also love your blog, Im happy to follow it:)would u follow me back?:)

GiuliaC_Sparkly Fashion said...

Great outfit...and perfect skirt, compliments :P
Love your neon sunglasses!

. . . . . . . . . . . said...

lovely outfit, your hair look beautiful!!

Audrey said...

I love your sunglasses !!


BeyondTheLens said...

pragnet and sexy, wow i wanna look like that when i'll b a mom. You look stunning!

natasha said...

Love, love looove the skirt and your outfit in this post!!

fashion kats said...

Great look!


amanda said...

this outfit is sooooo great. sorry, i'm totally creepin' on your archives now!! i used to follow you a long time ago but stopped. then i found you on chictopia and saw you were pregnant again! congrats!!!!! and i love how stylish and put together you are even with a toddler and one on the way. and that you haven't become a mommy blogger. that you are just a mom who blogs. i'm a mom and a blogger too :) anyway, i totally dig everything you're doing here.

Lena Antonacci said...

@ Amanda: You know what I love about you, the fact that you're so honest by telling me you stopped reading my Thanks for coming back :)I read your blog and you are great. Absolutely love the haircut. I wish I had the courage to go short.
Thanks for the words of encouragement. Sometimes it's tiring trying to keep up with the blogging while still being a good mom but comments like yours motivate me. You made me smile :)

Lena xoxo

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