I'm in serious need of a shopping spree. My closet needs a major update but this weather is not really enticing me to buy new Spring clothing.
For all you ladies that live in cold, snowy, winter climates...What motivates you to get dressed during the Winter/Spring transition period?

sweater: Ardene
shoes: Sirens - find similar here


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7 Responses to “yawn”

Semicosmic said...

Love the outfit, those shoes are amazing! And I wish I could answer your question, but I live in Houston, where the word winter does not exist.

Bec said...

Wow those shoes. I still wear just as many layers but I go for the brighter colors. Spring colors in my winter clothing :)

Clouds said...


Sofia Gatchalian said...

Cute shoes! xx

follow back? :)

Anonymous said...

I live in Boston and I wear lots of layers with accesories! And not just jewelry. Scarves, mittens, ear muffs, etc. Clothing wise I switch up styles from romantic, to rock, to indie, just layer with every style you do.

modest costumes for women said...

WOw! Fab shoes! I love them@

ValerieDanielle said...

Simple outfit and it's so nice! I'm in Toronto so I really know the feeling... especially since everyone is getting their spring line in :S

I just add pops of colour. I recently just painted my nails a bright coral, so it livens up any outfit really... Either that or add a pop of colour in an outift, i.e. shoes, a sweater, a top or a even a hair accessory :)

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