what are you hiding?


I always associate turtlenecks to the good ol' high school days when they were used to cover up hickey's. Whenever I wear them I feel that people are wondering "what's she hiding under there". Now that I'm  older, turtlenecks are merely used to cover up flabby neck skin or double chins :)
Just kidding, I have none of the above...yet!

turtleneck: Ardene (old) - find similar here & here
skirt: vintage - find similar here
shoes: c/o Bakers


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6 Responses to “what are you hiding?”

www.glamour-blog.com said...

Your skirt is great and love the combination with those fabulous leopard heels! Great as usual :)

Kristy said...

Hahahahaha, I'm wearing a turtleneck top today, too! Not trying to hide anything (maaaaaybe my double chin), it's just so cold today!:( Love the gold pleated skirt, Lena! Very festive :)


Closet Fashionista said...

I love this outfit! Those shoes are gorgeous :D

Eda. said...

So beautiful and I am adoring the skirt and those leopard print heels.


Eda ♥

Estefania Lovelifefashion said...

You are very beautiful :) I loved these pics. The skirt is simply amazing, paired with leopard just perfect.

Anonymous said...

Ough! You are so lovely! ^^
I LOVE it!

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