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Remember a few posts back, I wrote that I had 2 DIY ideas in mind. Well yesterday one of the ideas came to life. I DIY'd the tip of an old pair of shoes to give the appearance of a toe cap which is incredibly hot right now. I wanted to use a pair of electric blue shoes however I came across a white pair of stiletto's that I hadn't worn in ages. The first thought that came to mind was these babies from Isabel Marant. Adding an ankle strap is a whole other story so dying the tip is as far as I went and I love them.

I used masking tape to cover the part of the tip that I did not want dyed. I also stuffed the shoes with paper to not dye the interior of the shoe. I used Krylon spray paint in Gloss Black, about 3 coats. Let dry and...

blazer: thrifted - find similar here
top: Topshop
pants: Joe Fresh - find similar here
shoes: Aldo (old) DIY


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4 Responses to “painted tip”

Liv said...

Hell yes! That looks awesome. Gotta love the Krylon, I'm thinking taking the spray paint can to a couple of old Ikea chairs this weekend if the weather's nice enough.

Sheree said...

Love it and so easy!

natasha said...

They look amazing! I love your DIY tutorials, sometimes a DIY can turn out better than the original!

Keep it up :)

Nicole said...

This is such an easy DIY, I love it!

The Owl Girl

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