The following are 2 DIY ideas that are lingering around in my head at the moment.

Toe caps are the latest fad. I have this pair of electric blue pumps that I'd love to give some spice to by adding a toe cap. I just have no idea where to begin. What colour (do I play it safe and just go black but I really do love the neon yellow), what spray paint, etc. Any tips?

photo via Style Copycat

And my other idea is adding side stripes on some pants. This is not too difficult to make. I just need to figure out which pants to do this to and what fabric to use for the side stripe. Hopefully I'll post this one soon :)


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4 Responses to “ideas”

Nádia said...

I'd go for the neon with the blue pumps! :D said...

I got the nude ones with the black tip from Zara! I can't wait to see your DIY!

Alana said...

Love the stripe pants idea!!

Here's a similar shoe DIY, but maybe use enamel paint which is more durable?

Lady Fur said...

♡I love it so much!!!!!!!
from your follower! ♡

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