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Coloured hair tips or streaks is still trending however I'm one of those people that would love to try it but could never dare dye my hair a freaky colour permanantly. Therefore I came across this cool product that I'd love to try from Kevin Murphy.
Color bug is a wipe on / wipe off hair colour which comes in pink, purple, and orange. It's too bad they don't have blue cause that's the colour I'd like to try however I'd go ahead with the pink for a day.
Any one out there tried this?

photos via Kevin Murphy & various tumblrs


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9 Responses to “color bug”

Marie a la Mode said...

I haven't tried this but I've tried other Kevin Murphy products and love them!

Anonymous said...

do you know where you can buy them in montreal!?!?

NĂ¡dia said...

I would love to try too, in blue or green <3

Lena Antonacci said...

@ Anonymous: There is only one distributor who sells Kevin Murphy products and it's:
Beaute Star Bedard
600 Bl. St-Martin Quest
Laval QC H7M 6A8
Ph: +1 450 967 7827

There are also a few salons in Montreal that supposedly carry their products. However you would have to call them to find out if they have the Color.Bug.

Lena xoxo

Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

I would love to try something like this.

Carolyn said...

so pretty, i've always liked the colored tips

Sarah said...

Ive got pink in my hair at the moment its Fudge though, I am definately going to try this though - wish they had a blue too! xx

Anonymous said...

Ohh, I Love it!!
Thanks! =P

Dirty Diana said...

Hmm maybe you can try out blue.. watch this vid of Kevin actually doing it with eyeshadow! Hope it helps :)

Love, Diana
Blog: Dirty Diana's Style Blog

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