widen up


It's too bad these pictures don't give my tank top the credit it deserves. It's such a beautiful neon blue colour but doesn't appear that way. Oh well, you guys get the idea and maybe in another outfit or lighting you'll see it's true colour.
On another note, I've had these printed pants from Zara for quite some time now. I still really like them however I was thinking of removing the elastic around the ankle to make them more of a straight leg.
Which option would you choose:

1. Keep the pants as is with a tapered leg.
2. Remove the ankle elastic to give the pants a straight leg.
3. Get rid of the pants completely.

neon tank top courtesy of American Apparel
pants: Zara (old)
shoes: Aldo (old)
cuff: Buffalo David Bitton (old)


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6 Responses to “widen up”

Anonymous said...

Sorry Lena, but I would get rid of them completely!! Though I do love the tank and shoes xo

Bec said...

I like them but I'd keep them tapered so as not to confuse them with looking like pajama pants. I love that beautiful print on them though :)

Mariel Torres said...

I would get rid of them... though they look like extremely comfortable pants. Ok, change of plans... keep them but use them for inside the house ;).

Those shoes are STUNNING!

www.glamour-blog.com said...

Great pants! Love your heels too!

camille said...

I'd say get rid of them. Unless you wanna keep them as pajama pants, but that's it

Anonymous said...

Hi Lena,

I would leave them as is. I think they look gggrrrreeat :-)

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