Ok guys, I am at that point in my life again where I'm fed up with my hair & always catch myself tying it up. I sort of already have a slight idea of what I want to do but would like to know your opinions.
Should I cut it?
How should I cut it?
Should I colour it?
Should I highlight it?
What colour?

Let me know what you think because I'm ready to make an appointment with my hairdresser ASAP!!

shirt & jeans: Forever 21 
sandals: Sirens
bag: Bershka
bracelets: Ardene


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8 Responses to “bored”

Sheree said...

I loved the way you you were wearing it right before you had the baby. I loved your bangs and the color...I say just cut it a tad but go back to your original style..I was always jealous of your hair!

camille said...

I'd love to see you in short hair, maybe shoulder length? not sure how short you're willing to go. and also a darker brown than what you have now. your face could definitely pull these looks off

Haru said...

Ok, you already look good with long hair I think but I'd say you would also look very nice with short hair too, like the one of Emma Watson! :D
I really love very short hairstyle on beautiful women!!
And in case of very short hairstyle, I think your current hair colour would be the best!!

Haru x

Anonymous said...

layers and a new color!! :)

Anonymous said...

My Dear,

I thnk You shuld cut them a little bit and make a new colour. Like caramel, warm brown.

Hugsf said...

Casual and chic!

romwe said...

I constantly check your lookbook and blog, just to see the lovely outfits you post. I could write so much to tell you how you inspire me . thank you for these wonderful looks, you have an amazing style.

zeenat khan said...

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