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A few minutes ago I read this article on Fashionista....interesting. And then I read the comments...ouch!!!
Why do so many people follow them? Are they really style icons? What makes their style so influential?
While I'm personally not a fan of Bryanboy, I do however follow Fashiontoast & Style by Kling (who is by far the better of my opinion anyway.)

Do you know of any style influential bloggers out there that don't get the recognition they deserve?
Share them...let me know of any that I might be missing out on.


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Shybiker said...

There's one fashion-blogger I love to get inspiration from: Ashley at

She's not a pro and doesn't have a huge following, but the people (like me) who are aware of her love her style.

april said...! I stumbled on your blog a couple years ago maybe? I can't remember exactly but I always read it, and have you linked in my blog list on my blog. I've never commented before, but I find you to be refreshing and real. You're not trying too hard to be anything but yourself and you always showcase affordable items. This blog isn't pretentious, nor does it have a "better than you" feel like, sadly, a lot of fashion blogs do. You are for sure one of my favorites!

Three ladies I also read frequently are:


Anonymous said...

I like Ulrikkes blog:)

Afternoon Teacup said...

Such an interesting article- thanks for sharing.

My favorite bloggers as of late have been Brooklyn Blonde ( & Atlantic Pacific (
Always excited when either of them have a new post!

downtownchicagobarbie said...

I totally agree with with your comment about fashion bloggers who have tons of followers and nothing special about the way they dress. I agree with April so blogger try to hard and have clothes that aren' affordable for normal everyday people. Not saying that they shouldn't dress the way they were but most of us bloggers look at each other for inspiration. I think so fashion bloggers try to come off like they are better than others. Your page isn't like that. I started following you as soon as I joined Chictopia 5 months back. I'm fairly new and still building my style but give me a least a year I hope to be good as you.

Dominique said...
I could go on forever.
I think it is all about the person ego/self esteem.

Angela said...

Good post Lena. My 2 favorite bloggers/influencers are:

1. Karla @
2. Delmy @

I always look forward to their next posts.

Eda ♥ said...

Lovew these three you've chosen, fabulous bloggers and stylish peeps!

*following your blog*

Eda ♥

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

This is so interesting. I do love Kling but it's interesting to see how some get so popular and others aren't but they have similar style. I wonder if it's something I'm not thinking of or it's all just like high school...

Here's some good ones:

365 Days over at are PHENOMENAL
Come over to the dark side, we have candy

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

forgot to add leflassh and martalicious :)

Lainey said...

Me ;)

Amelia said...

These are my faves <3. Other than you of course!

Kristy said...

Interesting post, Lena! I have to admit, I'm definitely not a fan of BrianBoy for many reasons I will keep to myself. The other two ladies are influential though lately, they've become very commercial :( For me, Kling over FashionToast, ANY DAY.

I have lots of favorite bloggers who are more inspirational to me than these 3 popular bloggers. YOU included :)

HauteLove said...

Great post. I love observing the blogger's location to their style.
For a laid-back California style I just love there is Jules:
And for a more Parisian style I follow

Sarah said...

I really like FashionToast.


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