Ok, I love Montreal and all but what is up with this f&^%ing weather?!?!?!?! Rainy and windy and now I hear overnight flurries...are you kidding me! ugh! On the upside, I got these cute new leopard print shoes at Forever 21 for only $16.99. For every bad there must be a good right :)

jacket: Le Chateau (old)
shirt: Costa Blanca (old)
joggers: Forever 21
shoes: Forever 21



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12 Responses to “snow?”

Catherine said...

I love your shoes! and you're right, WHY THE FUCK DOES IT SNOW IN QUEBEC? WHYYYY? hahaha:)
great outfit, as usual xxx

Mitzi said...

Those shoes are fantastic!
I live in New Brunswick, and I'll totally over the random April flurries myself... ;)
M xo

Tereza Anton said...

Love the pants.

Yeliz said...

stunning and simple.
shoes, colour, even your hair just tie it together so well!
it's okay dear, Melbourne, Australia has no idea how the weather works. It has NO clue what is going and decides by the hour how to be!!but snow i am yet to see ;p
just lovely!xxx

Baby Budget Blog said...

Love this outfit! The relaxed cooleness of it is great! Love the pants, the leather jacket with the oversized scarf and the addition of those leopard oxfords was genius!! Follow each other?

And come enter my skull bracelet giveaway! said...

those shoes are really cute! And snow? Wow! That's totally crazy! But you're looking great dear xx

serenissima said...

those shoes are so cute! im jealous, forever 21 shoes dont come in my size :(

Angela said...

ohhhhh.... i'm in love with your shoes!!!
and love how you mix with your pants...

a big kiss!

mari b. said...

those shoes are totally rad!
love how you put them.


cute cute cute! i have a pair of sam edelman leopard oxfords that i have worn so much the haircalf is raw at the toes. you'll get so much use out of those!!

electric fringe

Christie said...

Cute outfit!

I'm in Toronto, and I agree - WTF is up with the snow? Its almost May!

In Fashion and Style

camelia said...

I'm in love with your outfit ! you look great :)
I agree, the weather's been pretty bad lately.
It's gonna rain and snow again tomorrow :((

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