date night


Seeing as I've been cooped up indoors for the past couple of months, Andrew decided to have a spoil me day. We spent Saturday at the mall (I will take pictures of my purchases). Which was then followed by supper at Restaurant Graziella's. My overall experience at the resto is a 5 on 10. The food was just ok, nothing to rave about and the ambiance was a little too cold & modern for my taste. I left without even having dessert and that never happens!!!

My ass is not really Kim Kardashian-esque. The shirt was bubbling...I swear :)

blouse: Simons
jacket: Le Chateau
pants: H&M
boots: Aldo
sunglasses: H&M



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10 Responses to “date night”

Meda said...

You look good. I like it :D
I have those pants to and I'm not wearing it anymore.
You gave me a little bit inspiration :D


Estefania Lovelifefashion said...

You are looking good Leena. LOL your ass looks Kardashian-esque LOL
You've got a nice nice figure.
What a pitty the restaurant wasn't what you expected...

Bamby said...

;love love lovee this outfittttttttt!! greatings from Serbia

Tereza Anton said...

Date night is so much fun. I love it.

Anonymous said...

WoW ! I love every detail of this outfit :)
kiss :)

Stella said...

Great outfit!!

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

did you climb all the way up the mount in that last photo in those heels or is that somewhere else?!! very cute :)

Lena Antonacci said...

@ Rebecca from See You in Sweden: lol...we drove up the mountain. I could barely walk in those heels by the end of the day let alone hike up a mountain.

Lena xoxo

andrea said...

I think that blouse make you look sloppy....but I love the color palette in your outfit :)

My empty closet said...

you look amazing! and you had a baby!!!!!!! :) your hubby looks like he is peeing in the public place lol just kidding. if not looking at the restaurant experience hope you still had a very romantic lovely night!


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