running errands


Andrew and I had a jam packed morning and early afternoon of checking things off of our to-do list while the little man was being babysit by his grandparents.

1. Need to buy diapers...check.
2. Need to buy 8oz bottles because Liam is no longer satisfied with 7oz, piglet...check.
3. Need to buy formula...check.
4. Need to exchange extra tripod received at Christmas for a flash...check and I can't wait to try it out.
5. Need to buy battery for camera remote...check.

Dont' you love it when everything on your to-do list gets relieving.

As we left the photo place, decided to take a few pics regardless of the fact that it was freezing out.
Hope everyone is enjoying the remaining hours of their weekend!

glasses: H&M
eternity scarf: Ardene
necklace: Ardene
zip-up hoodie: H&M
t-shirt: e-bay
jeans: Zara
coat: Le Chateau
shoes: Aldo


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11 Responses to “running errands”

Glamour Bbey. said...

The green shirt is perfect! You look amazing dear xx

Raluca :) said...

you look so chic:X i love the green accent:)

Star-Light said...

amazing look!

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

Great pics!!! You should do your outfit posts outside more often! :D

Anonymous said...

You are always so chic! I like the color of the t shirt.
I know you live in Canada but those pictures looks like Europe!!

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

Your hair is totally rocking lately! It always has, but extra good.

Anonymous said...

your hair looks amazing!
looking forward for more outfit pics:)

much love from Tokyo,

camille said...

way to be an awesome stylish mom! can't wait for more liam pictures!

ideassinvalija said...

Oh, your blog is great! Your stile is amazing!

Kristy said...

Did you get a haircut? It looks great :D:D:D:D And seriously, you don't look like you just had a baby! You look so slim and fabulous :D

I finally got to check the biggest item on my to-do list: re-painting my entire place. A BIG CHECK MARK! :D

saturn said...

Hey we have the same Jeans from Zara, they are my favorite so comfy =D. And yes, Montreal is freezing this week...!

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