i'm in miami trick


I'm not really in Miami, I'm still in the freezing Montreal weather but I'm just so obsessed with this song right now. I seriously can't get it out of my head. It's Liam's lullaby...lol

jacket: New Look
tank: Sirens
sheer skirt: value village
mini skirt: American Apparel
hat: Ardene
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
necklace: Ardene


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8 Responses to “i'm in miami trick”

Star-Light said...

great jacket!


Justyna said...

awesome outfit! love the sheer over dress, beautiful!

6roove said...

love this look! sheer maxi is gorgeous <3

Watching the waves

Katie Dodd said...

oh good lord, i love that skirt. loving that you're posting looks/inspirations even while the weather keeps you in. oh, and btdubs, LIAM = adorable. big congrats to you!!! been following through the before baby, and am a big fan!!!

Haru said...

Amazing maxi dress!! :D
I'm really wondering how you did the editing of the pictures... they look like exactly what I love for outfit pictures taken at home!!

Haru x

Jessica said...

you pull off that skirt nicely!
love it so much!


Miami dentist said...

Awesome images....

Miami dentist said...

Awesome images....

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